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The IP Crime Directory provides an opportunity for IP owners to showcase their products to the wider law enforcement community, thereby enhancing the protection of their Intellectual Property rights.

Commander - National Coordinator for Economic Crime - Christopher Greany

Commander Dave Clark
National Coordinator for Economic Crime

“Welcome to the City of London Police IP Crime Directory. By registering with the Directory, you will not only be enhancing the protection of your brands but also supporting law enforcement in the global fight against IP crime and the organised crime groups that often control them. Indeed, the IP Crime Directory should not be viewed as only having relevance to the problem of IP infringement, but that it is also be useful to support law enforcement to make contact with your product experts (acting as a nominated law enforcement single point of contact, or SPOC) in addressing other areas of criminality. Such as, the hijacking of lorries/goods in transit, forensic enquiries, organised theft, items recovered during raids and vehicle checks etc.”

Registration for IP owners is straightforward. The information required is:

  • Details of the IP rights to be featured in the directory.
  • Contact details for your product expert(s).
  • Brand logo.
  • PDF of your brand protection guide (where appropriate).

Note – any information placed on the website will only be accessible by the law enforcement community.

Below is an example of how your information will be displayed to law enforcement, deliberately kept simple in a contact card.

As part of your subscription package you are able to upload a PDF anti-counterfeiting guide. Experience over many years has shown that the more information you are able to provide regarding your products the higher the level of law enforcement engagement. We have created a generic anti-counterfeiting guide which you are welcome to refer to.

What IP owners say

What clients need most of all is an effective and joined up enforcement solution. The combination of the City of London Police’s resources and the IP Crime Directory will provide just that: an ability to access key information on IP owners' rights quickly and effectively for law enforcement to take immediate action on the ground. It marks a shift in private/public cooperation in a very cost-effective way. At Baker & McKenzie, we believe that our lawyers on the ground and our clients will embrace this concept.

Paul Rawlinson, Global Chair, Baker & McKenzie LLP