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IP Crime Directory Pricing

How the IP Crime Directory works

The IP Crime Directory has been created at the request of the global law enforcement community, to enhance the interaction between IP owners and the Law Enforcement community in relation to the increasingly serious problem of IP Crime. To do this IP owners upload their IP Right information and the contact information for their product expert(s) who will act as a single point of contact for the chosen geographical location(s).

This information will then be deposited into an electronic “IP Right card” which law enforcement will be able to access from the directory’s search engine.

Below is an example of how your information will be displayed to law enforcement, deliberately kept simple in a contact card.

Getting Started

To display your IP Rights on the IP Crime Directory the following information is required:

  • IP rights information
  • Contact details for your product expert(s)
  • Brand logo
  • PDF of your brand protection guide (optional)


Select a package

Select which Countries you would like to protect your brand in


Confirm order

Review and place your order


Create IP Rights Card

Fill in your brand cards and add contact details

When selecting the geographical location(s) where you would like to protect your IP Right(s).

There are 2 main options:

1. Regional Packages
2. Individual Countries

Regional Packages

There are four regional packages available: The Americas, EMEA, Asia-Pacific and Global. These packages allow IP Owners to display product expert contact information for the countries in the region they choose. Region packages cost £1500 each with the global package costing £3500. You can also select two Regional Packages for: £2500.

All regional packages allow you to create as many IP Right cards as you require for all the geographical territories included. If you would like to add additional countries that are outside your chosen package these will cost £375 per country.



The Americas

This package includes Canada and North, Central and South America.

Includes unlimited IP Rights cards




This package includes countries within Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Includes unlimited IP Rights cards



Asia Pacific

This package includes countries within Asia and the Pacific region.        

Includes unlimited IP Rights cards




This package includes all the countries listed in The Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific packages.

Includes unlimited IP Rights cards

Individual Package

Individual Country packages are available for IP Owners who need to protect their IP rights only in specific countries. Each individual country will cost £375, as with the regional packages. This includes as many IP Rights cards you require for the country(s) you have selected.



Individual Countries

Protection in the individual country(s) you have selected.

Includes unlimited IP Rights Cards

The prices shown for the Regional packages and/or the Individual countries are for a 12 month subscription to the IP Crime Directory.